Mikey Williams Goes Off For 27 POINTS Against RIVAL SCHOOL! Lake Norman Rematch With Word Of God 🍿

Feb 25, 2021
27 242 Views

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Mikey Vs Emoni!! ►► usworlds.info/slow/video/bahlf53Fo6aEo3s​
Mikey Williams just made 27 points look EASY! Him and Lake Norman had a big rematch against one of the top schools in North Carolina Word of God. They won the first game in overtime and this time around they really gave them the business while dominating most of the game. Check out the video for the full game recap!
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  • skip to 00:13 lol he took like 7 steps to the side before shooting 🤣🤣

    SammyBoiYT 2SammyBoiYT 2Month ago
  • Trying to keep my bro’s safe I would’ve not said shit but ramys name piped up I had to let them know if they were in danger

    manny Boimanny BoiMonth ago
  • Mikey isn’t injured. They had to change the narrative Bc he’s getting killed in NC 😂 better take his talents back to Cali

    Gianna BGianna BMonth ago
  • Yesterday I saw a beggar on the road. I was about to give him money.. suddenly I read the notice he kept infront of the area he sat. It read," One day this can be you." I kept my money back...just incase...

    100K Challenge W/0 Any Videos or challenges100K Challenge W/0 Any Videos or challengesMonth ago
  • Mikey is a God

    King HamiltonKing HamiltonMonth ago
  • Why does this look like it was recorded on a droid

    Zion MuhammadZion MuhammadMonth ago
  • Who feels mikes gettin to much clout no disrespect or nothin but man

    QuazygrabriQuazygrabriMonth ago
  • Is this guy really injured cuz he was goin craz

    QuazygrabriQuazygrabriMonth ago
  • Why do I feel that Mikey Williams height isn’t increasing at all

    Jaden YJ TengJaden YJ TengMonth ago
    • because its not he just has bounce

  • Mikey: Comes on as a sub Overtime: Noooooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Zuhayr SalehZuhayr SalehMonth ago
  • Overtime be all over Mikey meat, but good stuff though no cap

    1kUnwanted1kUnwantedMonth ago
  • Lake Norman is playing better match after match 🔥👏🏽

    ForThe BallForThe BallMonth ago
  • I play a ton of Basketball. cool video.

    Sharp YoungSharp YoungMonth ago
  • Kids are lucky to even have a season they need to thank God

    Daily MemesDaily MemesMonth ago
  • even ballislife quality better than this

  • Certified HS deity

    It's your MomIt's your MomMonth ago
  • I like the jerseys of purple team

    Jamesg _1014Jamesg _1014Month ago
  • aint he going to sierra wit bronny

    YAboiRyanYAboiRyanMonth ago
  • Those uniforms look like the lakers black and purple ones

    BIROBIROMonth ago
  • Coming to NC was the best move for him. He needs to stay and keep developing. 💯💯🙏🏾

    Richard NyahoeRichard NyahoeMonth ago
  • Mikey : breathes Overtime: mikey is insane 🐐🐐🐐🐐🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

    AH25AH25Month ago
  • Man Mikey is Unstoppable

    Nya MpittNya MpittMonth ago
  • Add the USworlds channel straight bangersss coming sooon ya diggggg 🔜blow

    MgTVMgTVMonth ago
  • Nice, while injured 🔥

    Basketball NewsPlugBasketball NewsPlugMonth ago
  • He is getting better not just in general but with is basketball IQ. Such a beast

    LIL HypeLIL HypeMonth ago
    • Member he still have a groin injury 😏 but forshor

      NXYNXYMonth ago
  • We all ignoring the fact that the other team has on jerseys that literally looks like the lakers

    Maya & ShaNayaMaya & ShaNayaMonth ago
    • @Trae young fr

      Soccer TimeSoccer TimeMonth ago
    • Ok? That isn’t uncommon a lot of teams do that

      Trae youngTrae youngMonth ago
  • He cookin

    Jay & samathaJay & samathaMonth ago
  • swag

    jjMonth ago
  • Never been this early

    Tianda StewartTianda StewartMonth ago
  • Everybody : I am first Me: I am 1,568

    NG BetrayedNG BetrayedMonth ago
    • @sebas lmao bit**

      NG BetrayedNG BetrayedMonth ago
    • @NG Betrayed you’re so young that you have to sensor cuss words lmao dude just shut up 💀

      sebassebasMonth ago
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      NG BetrayedNG BetrayedMonth ago
    • Dang you’re 14?! Wow dude grow up

      sebassebasMonth ago
    • @sebas I am 14 bucko

      NG BetrayedNG BetrayedMonth ago
  • Mikey doesn’t know I exist *crying* 😑😭🙋🏽‍♀️

    Samantha SalinasSamantha SalinasMonth ago
    • okay

      jahvier brinkleyjahvier brinkleyMonth ago
  • When y’all getting a actual camera to record?

    Luka DoncicLuka DoncicMonth ago
    • Wassup Mr. I average a triple double in 2K

      dxmøndxmønMonth ago
  • Mikeyyyyyy🔥👌💯wowwwwww u r like 🔥

    Jan And JarJan And JarMonth ago
  • Recorded on the reflection of a spoon

    XNefyXXNefyXMonth ago
  • When mikey can take the whole newman family:)

    Tristan HACKETTristan HACKETMonth ago
  • Dude is like russel westbrook but barely any bricc

    FarpyFarpyMonth ago
    • @Richard Nyahoe facts he’s gonna be like a poor mans dovan mitchell. Ion think he’ll be as good but i think he’ll be the same level player as like a victor oladipo just a good all star.

      Basketball NewsPlugBasketball NewsPlugMonth ago
    • Dovovan Mitchell

      Richard NyahoeRichard NyahoeMonth ago
  • Before 1k views ticket here

    Kendrick AlexanderKendrick AlexanderMonth ago
  • Yo im a minute late wbu

    LJ WRLDLJ WRLDMonth ago
  • Early gang where you at

    Master Gaming2006Master Gaming2006Month ago
    • Hush boy

      sebassebasMonth ago
    • Here

      NG BetrayedNG BetrayedMonth ago
  • I read the title now mikey is going to be hitting greens

    YT RX NojtacYT RX NojtacMonth ago
  • Mikey: *breathing Overtime: OMG INSPIRATIONAL GOTTA PUT THIS ON YT 🤪🤪😝😝😝🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥵🥵🥵🥵😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😀😃😃😃😃🤪🤪😜

    Legenxary DudeLegenxary DudeMonth ago
    • @Ray Cruz 😂 facts

      Legenxary DudeLegenxary DudeMonth ago
    • That's how they reacted to lamelo when he was a freshman 😂

      Ray CruzRay CruzMonth ago
  • First

    Hit that ZayHit that ZayMonth ago
  • Mikey goes hard

    Lil xRxvengeLil xRxvengeMonth ago
    • Ayo?

      BopcapxBopcapxMonth ago
  • Yoooo Mikey Williams is so crazy

    Antonio SempiiraAntonio SempiiraMonth ago
  • Second

    Jaylen MotleyJaylen MotleyMonth ago
  • This the only time I’m early to one of OT videos😭😭

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    • LOL me too

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  • Mickey gonna end up being the next goat

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  • Mikey is the goat

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