"Nothing Was Handed To Me." How 6'8” Bryce Hopkins Became Chicago's BEST Hooper & Signed W/ Kentucky

Feb 23, 2021
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Bryce Hopkins is about to BLOW UP.
We linked up with our guy Bryce in Chicago to hear about his story and how he became one of Kentucky's top recruits. Dude is 6'8" with handle and a jump shot--who's gonna be able to stop him?
Like many of us, his life was negatively impacted by COVID. But he's using it to fuel his fire and hopefully, make the NBA. Hit that link and get to know Bryce!
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  • Can’t wait to see him teamed up with my nephew next season at UK

    M JamesM James22 days ago
  • I go to fenwick too mans is a beast

    Finn WilliamsFinn WilliamsMonth ago
  • Hell yeah fenwick represent

    Finn WFinn WMonth ago
  • This guy should make it to the nba he’s guine and he’s grateful god bless this kid and everyone in the world

    Ken KD CannonKen KD CannonMonth ago
  • “Nothing was handed to me,” the people under 6ft salty

    ShadowShadowMonth ago
  • Ik him personally and his grandma she was a wonderful God felled woman ik his whole family and it hurt me too when she passed but ik that that will be his drive and when he gets to the NBA she will be right there with him

    Paris BrandyParis BrandyMonth ago
  • He's a 4 star recruit (which isn't bad). But he's listed as a power forward and he said he's a combo guard he lying. The title says 6'8 but he's 6'5

    Byrøn AndujarByrøn AndujarMonth ago
    • I’ve literally seen him play, he’s like 6’6, 6’7

      Henry DalmannHenry DalmannMonth ago
  • That cool

    Carolyn HopkinsCarolyn HopkinsMonth ago
  • My dawg

    Brandale StewardBrandale StewardMonth ago

    Oier GonzálezOier GonzálezMonth ago
  • Well now I know his name. We'll be lookin out for this young fella

    fleeze92fleeze92Month ago
  • Yessssie

    bobby334 *bobby334 *Month ago
  • Y’all hating on B Hop but y’all wish y’all was him stop hating and appreciate. He cold asf😤

    JDSJDSMonth ago
    • Fr, watched him play, mans a monster

      Henry DalmannHenry DalmannMonth ago
  • Sorry bryce now dominate for your grandma.

    Max RobertsMax RobertsMonth ago
  • @Overtime Imagine Getting a Build on 2k Called a Combo Guard

    ColdStepper KB3ColdStepper KB3Month ago
  • The amount of times I’ve played at fenwick lmao

    Mayan the LionMayan the LionMonth ago
  • Overated

    James LiJames LiMonth ago
  • Hope the people that see this have a great day or night, depending on where you are in the world and please stay safe out there. Btw Small USworldsr looking for ur support✨ I Hope To Inspire People & Spread Positivity

    Cortez ѰCortez ѰMonth ago
  • “Nothing was handed to me” my guy you’re 6’8

    masenjxmasenjxMonth ago
    • @Fish or Die it's easier tho if your 6'8 instead of 5'8

      CruzCruz7 days ago
    • Height has nothing to do with it. You still have to put in the work.

      Fish or DieFish or Die7 days ago
    • @NC 24 what?

      masenjxmasenjx20 days ago
    • Y’all love making excuses 😴

      NC 24NC 2420 days ago
    • @CRS Chris he would be really good but not highly ranked

      CruzCruzMonth ago
  • Bryce Hopkins is a beast

    Dominic MarcantelliDominic MarcantelliMonth ago
  • nolan hickman next

    Johni GasasiraJohni GasasiraMonth ago
  • Time Just passing you by

    Batman And RobinBatman And RobinMonth ago
  • He looks a little bit like ja

    George KennedyGeorge KennedyMonth ago
  • Chevelle Harris type that nothing comes up type it up in 6 years youll see who I am🤣

    Chevelle HarrisChevelle HarrisMonth ago
    • @Chevelle Harris I'll be expecting to hear that name

      George KennedyGeorge KennedyMonth ago
    • @George Kennedy aye bro respect mah brutha🙏🏾💯

      Chevelle HarrisChevelle HarrisMonth ago
    • I Have faith in you bro stay on the grind

      George KennedyGeorge KennedyMonth ago
  • Still can't believe they playing with masks on

    True JourneyTrue JourneyMonth ago
  • This dude literally lived in the suburbs when he grew up I went to the same middle school as him in Oswego. Homie tryna say he lived in the streets

    triston augusttriston augustMonth ago
    • @Teague Hallahan Yuh Mr. Hallahan is a slime

      triston augusttriston augustMonth ago
    • My Grandpa was his 8th grade Coach if you know him and he’s a history teacher at traughber

      Teague HallahanTeague HallahanMonth ago
    • Why it matter? It doesn’t make him anymore or less talented.

      Lou WillLou WillMonth ago
    • Shit crazy 😂 he lived uptown

      bobby334 *bobby334 *Month ago
    • And he’s 6’8 I’m pretty sure everything was giving to him

      AntRlly DifferentAntRlly DifferentMonth ago
  • Low key harder for white kids

    1230 Legend1230 LegendMonth ago
  • I watched this guy play in a basketball tournament he’s insane

    CRS ChrisCRS ChrisMonth ago
    • @ikona facts

      James LiJames LiMonth ago
    • @ikonalol fax

      CRS ChrisCRS ChrisMonth ago
    • @James Li i mean u can be 15 and 7’5 and still trash

      ikonaikonaMonth ago
    • @JDS fax

      CRS ChrisCRS ChrisMonth ago
    • @James Li breh u trippin

      CRS ChrisCRS ChrisMonth ago
  • Ight the 6,8 was kinda handed to you

    nodasirnodasirMonth ago
    • Ong he got lucky on tht one,but he still developed tho.God is good tho .

      jus shawnjus shawnMonth ago

  • he reminds me of jalen green lmao

    Anton Miguel PedroAnton Miguel PedroMonth ago
    • With less athleticism

      Jonah DyerJonah DyerMonth ago
  • Chicago gang yessir. better see him on the bulls in a few years

    Your FatherYour FatherMonth ago
    • No he’s a casual

      Anuj BandireddyAnuj BandireddyMonth ago
  • Keep working

    Harold's Random VideosHarold's Random VideosMonth ago

    LeemoLeemoMonth ago
  • I’m from ky

    Weluv_jaeWeluv_jaeMonth ago
  • *God handed you that height though 🤦🏽‍♀️*

    briana onohbriana onohMonth ago
    • ohh cause Kentucky just out here offering every kid that’s 6’8, huh? 🤔 def don’t work like that. Y’all tried it tho 😂

      Bri DuarteBri DuarteMonth ago
    • U just gotta bring the heat that boy a DAWG

      Chick-fil-A Wi-FiChick-fil-A Wi-FiMonth ago
    • @Overtime that is also true

      Tyrone DodsonTyrone DodsonMonth ago
    • @Overtime no shit

      Jordanne ShirleyJordanne ShirleyMonth ago
    • @Overtime overtime ever responded twice 😍😂😂

      Nate FreedbergNate FreedbergMonth ago
  • This man a beast

    • @Overtime of course

      Tyree 123Tyree 123Month ago
    • he going places?

      OvertimeOvertimeMonth ago
  • Bro keep the work up and never give up

    Tj TfTj TfMonth ago
    • He got money don’t let him lie to you

      bobby334 *bobby334 *Month ago
  • Let’s go a demon on Kentucky

    DLCDLCMonth ago
    • yerrrr

      OvertimeOvertimeMonth ago
  • yoooooooooooooooo

    Chris BarclayChris BarclayMonth ago
  • Let’s go a demon on Kentucky

    DLCDLCMonth ago
  • Is this a new show

    Cw3 Chances topicsCw3 Chances topicsMonth ago
    • nah this just a 1 off video

      OvertimeOvertimeMonth ago
  • Its only been five mins and has bout 1k views

    Kobe CreateKobe CreateMonth ago
  • Not handed anything, understood but u were handed height tho.

    All_The_Above 6All_The_Above 6Month ago
    • @Blake Wells nah I’m not.

      All_The_Above 6All_The_Above 6Month ago
    • You’re hating on B hop

      Blake WellsBlake WellsMonth ago
    • @Jordanne Shirley 1000% correct

      All_The_Above 6All_The_Above 6Month ago
    • Every nba player has talent tho

      Jordanne ShirleyJordanne ShirleyMonth ago
  • This guy needs to lose some weights... great kid!!

    tony tangtony tangMonth ago
    • he unstoppable in the paint though he knows how to use his size

      OvertimeOvertimeMonth ago
  • He is so good🔥

    SWaggyCLapzSWaggyCLapzMonth ago
  • Don't get in front of him

    Barrett EvansBarrett EvansMonth ago
  • OVERTIME!!!!!!!!!!

    Tyler LeograndeTyler LeograndeMonth ago
  • 73

    FNT PicezFNT PicezMonth ago
  • Future first-round pick?

    Atlanta_ HawksAtlanta_ HawksMonth ago
    • No this dude is a casual

      Anuj BandireddyAnuj BandireddyMonth ago
  • “Grind don’t stop hustle won’t quit”

    Nate The goatNate The goatMonth ago
    • facts

      OvertimeOvertimeMonth ago
  • First

    Solo_ PunchoSolo_ PunchoMonth ago
  • OT if remember on ig u replied and I got free pizza if u reply I get double or nothing don’t lemme down bro🙏

    Dooldle BangerDooldle BangerMonth ago
    • Bro I don’t wna be a clout chaser but your a legend bro I got 2 pizzas bc of u my guy keep doing ur thing 😂🙏

      Dooldle BangerDooldle BangerMonth ago
    • i think i remember

      OvertimeOvertimeMonth ago
  • Why am I here

    ThatBoyJalen-ThatBoyJalen-Month ago
    • good vids

      OvertimeOvertimeMonth ago
  • christie is much better

    Gavin KalschGavin KalschMonth ago
    • Max Christie? I think they the same type of player tbh

      CRS ChrisCRS ChrisMonth ago
  • I love O TIMEEEE

  • Hey

    ThatBoyJalen-ThatBoyJalen-Month ago
  • 6’8 was givin to you😐

    Jonn RiveraJonn RiveraMonth ago
  • God handed you that height tho

    Berleezy's basement childBerleezy's basement childMonth ago
    • As soon as I saw the title that’s what I said 💀💀💀

      ikonaikonaMonth ago
    • @NC 24 😂😂😂

      Jordanne ShirleyJordanne ShirleyMonth ago
    • Always someone trying to make excuses

      NC 24NC 24Month ago
    • 😂you right about that

      Goddess ContentGoddess ContentMonth ago
  • 🔥🔥

    bummhoesbummhoesMonth ago
  • Finally some chi town boys😈

    NC 24NC 24Month ago
    • yessir

      CRS ChrisCRS ChrisMonth ago
  • Should’ve made the McDonalds All American team

    Dylan WesleyDylan WesleyMonth ago
    • @Dylan Wesley fax

      CRS ChrisCRS ChrisMonth ago
    • @Overtime Chicago players are always subbed by McDonalds. Ayo Dosunmu and Adam Miller should’ve made it; and Talen Horton Tucker too(who was truly a 5 ⭐️ talent)

      Dylan WesleyDylan WesleyMonth ago
    • facts

      OvertimeOvertimeMonth ago
  • Top 20 best player

    psyWxvypsyWxvyMonth ago
  • Not first

    The basketball guyThe basketball guyMonth ago
  • First

    Non KNon KMonth ago
  • Yo

  • First one. Shoutout overtime!

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  • Whoever see this, you’re amazing and good things are coming your way! Have a good day y’all. Like my comment

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