“She Hits Everything!” Jaden Newman PROVES She’s A Pro Shooter! Gets Trolled By Julian & Cries!?

Mar 21, 2021
474 442 Views

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Y'all can say what you want but Jaden Newman is a SNIPER from three point range!
In this ep of Hello Newmans, Jaden gets in the gym with Jamie to work on her handles and shot and get ready to play on the circuit this summer. Just like Julian, Jaden's got plans to go PRO, and she's dedicated to working on her game.
Julian's gotta get in his work too though, so he hits the gym also. The Newmans are putting in that EFFORT!
Later, Vivian teaches Jaden how to cook! Jaden cooks a meal and then serves it to Julian, who gives it an interesting review. Watch the ep to see what happens!
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  • Bro Julian sucks he is not making it to the NBA he will never make is to the NBA

    Vincent ZunigaVincent Zuniga3 days ago
  • The disgusting kitchen beautifully juggle because shrine conversely risk amidst a coherent slip. unable, absent growth

    vey5 thorvey5 thor4 days ago
  • awesome video! keep it up, I like the dedication to basketball!

    NZ10Auz11NZ10Auz115 days ago
  • bruh she said cooking is alot of work she lucky she never worked in a real job I'm 17 and work in a restaurant tf

    Alexander DiazAlexander Diaz5 days ago
  • I didn’t know they can talk Spanish

    WilliamWilliam5 days ago
  • why doesnt anyone tell him hes too short

    José LaraJosé Lara6 days ago
  • ikea is from where?

    origa de'boaroriga de'boar8 days ago
  • lmao just make the wires longer is all you gotta do. you ain’t gotta put a socket in the middle of the wall

    Wrenchin' WardWrenchin' Ward8 days ago
  • Meanwhile jaytan and Emmanuel are playing true basketball

    Kevin Medina RamosKevin Medina Ramos8 days ago
  • People actually watch this shit? 2 minutes was enough for me

    figo7ronaldofigo7ronaldo9 days ago
  • Does anybody else notice how Julians dad is like a Budget Lavar Ball

    Savage AssholeSavage Asshole9 days ago
    • stolen comment

      Help me get to 10k with no videosHelp me get to 10k with no videos6 days ago
  • My game getting better! But where r u going with basketball?! 😂😂😂

    Marc MazzaMarc Mazza11 days ago
  • Their mom is soo pretty 😊

    that one guythat one guy11 days ago
  • bruh me and my sister learned to cook at age 9

    Helene LubuiluHelene Lubuilu11 days ago
  • The fucking hand in the blender though! Mom has ice water in her veins!

    The Foraging PeasantThe Foraging Peasant12 days ago
  • We don't do sockets on the walls in America, yea we do, the ones he talking about I have hardly ever seen on the floor, I don't know were he coming from in America but most have them on the bottom of the wall.

    Brian HoustonBrian Houston12 days ago
  • She don’t cook she don’t clean but lemme tell she ain’t getting no ring

    Zion HowardZion Howard13 days ago
  • they cusssss infront their parents?????

    Snoopy 47Snoopy 4713 days ago
  • Julian is in inspiration smh ignore and prove

    Dayshaun NevittDayshaun Nevitt14 days ago
  • I'm sad for Jaden when is the last time she has had a game

    Judah AustinJudah Austin14 days ago
  • julian: I have to clean something it didn't do man Me: is the dog gonna do it 😂

    SotyiSotyi14 days ago
  • To anybody watching this a forever frying food don't use a fork to put the meat in the oil. Used tongs so you can gently put food in the oil and not kill yourself

    Jon StarkJon Stark14 days ago
  • Girl at least yuh getting ah mirror. I woulda make yuh watch yourself through ah window

    Sophie MasonSophie Mason15 days ago
  • The unused leaf interstingly number because girl classically pull concerning a mysterious gemini. tender tense, deadpan afghanistan

    Thomas SrsichThomas Srsich15 days ago
  • julian dad sound so ignorant with the whole outlet thing and ikea. Bruh just look up a video on how to set it up.

    Kalani 17Kalani 1715 days ago
  • All men are like that. We try to do it on our own and we never look at the instructions

    Neighton BellNeighton Bell16 days ago
  • Ikea from france right

    D BoiD Boi16 days ago
  • Nobody believes in them like their pops do. Thats the biggest gift the father gives them.. reminded me of great Jimmy V's speech.

    Who Me?Who Me?17 days ago
  • Dang y’all some haters. When they confident it’s a problem, when they tryna put some work in because they want to improve themselves, it’s a problem🤦🏿‍♀️

    Chioma OkenwaChioma Okenwa17 days ago
  • i know she did not just put her hand in that blender.

  • jaden is probably the biggest brat ever

    Nathaniel BloomNathaniel Bloom17 days ago
  • 2:31 😅😂

    Mr. E.O.MMr. E.O.M17 days ago
  • She’s always been a spot shooter that’s it. Terrible handles and D. She’ll never go to play D league let alone pro. Same with Julian. And who th wears full makeup and lashes to train? 😂💀

    Ween FainWeen Fain17 days ago
  • 16? We learn to cook when we are 8yr old why world so unfair.

    Da WaeDa Wae18 days ago
  • Julian can never dunk 💀😂💀😂

    Kalianna SothKalianna Soth18 days ago
  • Ikea is Swedish not f**king French

    Sam LeonardSam Leonard18 days ago
  • Why does it look like so much effort to do a layup for Julian 😂

    Jasper WalfordJasper Walford18 days ago
  • Ayo am I the only one but Julian look like king Julian from Madagascar?

    aleksandar grujicicaleksandar grujicic18 days ago
  • As someone who can’t really shoot it’s pretty easy to make it if your not being guarded and have all time in the world to shoot

    Adam GonzalesAdam Gonzales19 days ago
  • If he wants to make it he needs to learn to pass

    Eyo Kefela1Eyo Kefela119 days ago
  • I swear Jaden the most spoiled brat I’ve ever seen Jesus Christ

    Mr StiiizyMr Stiiizy19 days ago
  • 1:17 No she doesn't.

    Shaka SalaamShaka Salaam19 days ago
  • We are all gonna end up crying at the series finale watch lmao.

    Joe SJoe S19 days ago
  • For the boys 3:04

    Manuel QuinteroManuel Quintero19 days ago
  • i learned how cook and skin patotoes when i was 5

    Quinn MarcumQuinn Marcum19 days ago
  • Bro I curled up so hard when the mom put her hand in the blender while it was going.

    Davis GinnDavis Ginn19 days ago
  • Julian work on creating space to get more shots so you dont get block im 12 years old

    Jesus AJesus A19 days ago
  • bruh get your daughter some actual training. she can actually get somewhere if she had proper coaching.

    Lay SLay S19 days ago
    • @Lay S Why does that matter? It does it automatic

      King Shaq34King Shaq347 days ago
    • @King Shaq34 you like your own comments. be quiet

      Lay SLay S7 days ago
    • Too Small

      King Shaq34King Shaq347 days ago
  • IKEA is from France ?💀

    OdieOdie19 days ago
  • Yo My boy you gotta watch the south park when Kyle wants to be taller do that

    Rolando RecinosRolando Recinos20 days ago
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    Wahyuni Nurul utamiWahyuni Nurul utami20 days ago
  • Jaden messes up cooking and momma says don’t worry... my mom needs to take notes

    Matthew 999Matthew 99920 days ago
  • i started to learn to cook when i was like 4 😐

    Neymar DybalaNeymar Dybala20 days ago
  • Does anyone else here think that the dads life is the most irritating thing on this earth

    Kyle McAfeeKyle McAfee20 days ago
  • Jaden so spoiled😂😂.

    Hbk YounboyHbk Younboy20 days ago
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    Azam GamingAzam Gaming20 days ago
  • A basketball ain’t the only thing that’s bouncing for Jayden 😳😳

    Landonatior56 LewisLandonatior56 Lewis20 days ago
  • She stuck her hand in a blender

    2xLyrik2xLyrik20 days ago
  • the mom is the best in the group

    Enrique TrujilloEnrique Trujillo20 days ago
  • L DAD

    RunUpJayJayRunUpJayJay20 days ago
  • overtime.... they not going anywhere lets face it

    jj barnsjj barns20 days ago
  • "the blender is not working" has the blender fully filled up

    Mike PMike P20 days ago
  • A thumbnail without A 15 y/o cleavage? Stepping it up OT good shit

    Coleman SmithColeman Smith20 days ago
  • Yo get too the nba my dude

    ARTzEL-_-ARTzEL-_-20 days ago
  • Wait isn’t ikea a budget friendly store .

    fixedumpfixedump21 day ago
  • Did she stick her hand in blender !!!!! Wtf

    Jose bJose b21 day ago
  • Dude said thing were missing in the box lmao he didn’t know how to do it that’s all lmao

    Adem XhilajAdem Xhilaj21 day ago
  • Julián was better when he was little

    Homero LopezHomero Lopez21 day ago
  • Julián was better when he was little

    Homero LopezHomero Lopez21 day ago
  • Julian and Jaden has more chance if they got their mom as their coach. She’s chill af

    VALVAL21 day ago
  • Is this dude still in high school? I swear it’s been like 8 years

    Christian MichaudChristian Michaud21 day ago
  • Bruh I been cookin since I was 10🤣

    alie Martinezalie Martinez21 day ago
    • @Papa Smurf my mom was always working so I had to learn to feed me and my siblings

      alie Martinezalie Martinez19 days ago
    • Omg really

      Papa SmurfPapa Smurf19 days ago
  • How is she gonna say she did a good job at cooking and we never see her eat the food

    Gina DejesusGina Dejesus21 day ago
  • Is he training for a tryout? I think he should focus on some different goals.

    LeBrent SpeedLeBrent Speed21 day ago
  • Bro she put her hand in the blender😭

    Dylan DuenasDylan Duenas21 day ago
  • Can’t make a sandwich come on maun big 16

    Jdott LdnJdott Ldn21 day ago
  • My mom knows how to cook Her moms - sticks hand in blender while it’s on wtf lol

    Syler VelezSyler Velez21 day ago
  • who remembers when jaden wanted that one room in da house and started complaining about it and then then didnt want it no more

    Marcell ColenburgMarcell Colenburg21 day ago
  • Bro she stuck her hand in the blender while it was on she badass

    francisco garibayfrancisco garibay21 day ago
  • Yoo the mom cant even cook lmao

    Jonatan VillaJonatan Villa21 day ago
  • I feel like Jaden is getting held back by her dad like he doesn’t want her to progress like Julian which is why she not really a bucket yet but she could be

    Alexie NicolasAlexie Nicolas21 day ago
  • Disney need to just buy this show out. The scripting they do would have kids blowing this show out of the water with all the cap 😂

    Jonathan MagusiakJonathan Magusiak21 day ago
  • She is define gonna have an only fans when she turn 18

    Noah TitteringtonNoah Titterington21 day ago
  • This family sucks

    Nathan MartinNathan Martin21 day ago
  • They be dropping F bombs in front of their parents??????Helll nahhhhhh...y’all tripping hard

    Genuine VibesGenuine Vibes21 day ago
  • I don’t see that kid going pro maybe the girl cause the WNBA is not that tough

    V Vargas2099V Vargas209921 day ago
    • Too Small for WNBA

      King Shaq34King Shaq347 days ago
  • But he never b a melo ball

    Ramzee bamie AbrahamsRamzee bamie Abrahams21 day ago
  • Dad: I’ve got diarrhea THE NEWMAN WAY

    KapitalistKomradeKapitalistKomrade21 day ago
  • Julian is moe chill rn i think if he plays for another team and has to earn playing time he would definetly get better

    ; 7loxxs; 7loxxs21 day ago
  • As much hate as the family get they seem like a really tight and loving family.

    Danny NDanny N21 day ago
  • IKEA is a Swiss company to my knowledge

    RodWasOnURodWasOnU21 day ago
  • Jaden: "my momma knows what she doing" 4:21 Says that as her mom almost lost her finger 4:09

    makeawishkidmakeawishkid21 day ago
  • Why he gotta run in the mountains though?😭

    Terry ScottTerry Scott21 day ago
  • When y’all opening prodigy university?

    BernielokzBernielokz21 day ago
  • How he make his money cuz no we’re do they put sockets in the half room

    Hector ReyesHector Reyes21 day ago
  • If my people had a show every episode would be like 10 min long bc my life borin af😂

    V GodzV Godz21 day ago
  • Did she stupidly stick her hand while she blended it

    Hector ReyesHector Reyes21 day ago
  • Dnt fuk up her like u did with ur son to much pressure is good but u breaking them

    Hector ReyesHector Reyes21 day ago
  • What happened to their florida house? Did they move to Las Vegas for good?

    AlpineM3AlpineM321 day ago
  • I think jaden got a better shot at going pro than juilian

    Antonio ClarkeAntonio Clarke21 day ago