Why Are We OBSESSED With LaMelo Ball? Cassius Stanley & Jalen Lecque Attack Overtime & Get Answers 😱

Feb 24, 2021
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We brought a lotta BOUNCE to this episode of the podcast. Jordan McCabe and Overtime Tom are joined by Cassius Stanley and Jalen Lecque. They hit us up from down in the G League bubble to check in and chop it up.
We had to start it off talking about them dunking. Legit they might jump the highest in the whole NBA. The bounce is crazy. They were real modest about who the better dunker is but they are both expecting to be in the NBA Dunk Contest real soon... can't wait for that. (I got Jalen winning btw)
Then we had to get into the business. Cassius is always calling us out for being fans of LaMelo so we had to get to the bottom of that. Cassius and Jalen weren't holding back. They wanna know what happens if LaMelo dunks on them... WE POSTING THAT.
We finished it off talking about both their future boxing careers that we have now created and I think they're down?
Watching this back did we get roasted by these 2 dudes?
Full podcast in lit with some Sierra Canyon stories, Jellyfam vibes and so much more. peep that!
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  • Full podcast is pretty lit ngl - peep that: ovrt.me/3knfugn

    OvertimeOvertimeMonth ago
    • Funny how lamelo ball made it to The NBA and Julian Newman did not, when him and his dad were saying that he was going to make it to TBE NBA yikes and pls hope off the ball family just once 😂😂😂

      Y MY MMonth ago
  • Jordan McCabe lowkey hates LaMelo , but Jordan McCabe is overrated dude average 2ppg on bad efficiency . They must do Jordan McCabe vs Julian Newman Boxing of overrated all highlights 😆

    McKing MLMcKing MLMonth ago
  • Jalen lecque has more bounce than Cassius in every area lol his bounce is different

    Honest FanHonest FanMonth ago
    • Who

      Da baby DDa baby DMonth ago
  • I love when lamelo bullies Larry, so damn funny 😂. #bringmeloback

    YupYupMonth ago
  • 5:50 ayyyy jalen wrong for this man🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Dumb ThingsDumb ThingsMonth ago
  • I play a ton of Basketball. cool video.

    Sharp YoungSharp YoungMonth ago
  • Jalen high af

    abdel rahman nasserabdel rahman nasserMonth ago
  • Prob cause they in the G league lolol

    Logan GeorgeLogan GeorgeMonth ago
    • Internet broke them kids

      Flamingo_000 0Flamingo_000 0Month ago
  • I wouldn’t say ur obsessed but you show him a lotttt

    Sophisticated Warriors FanSophisticated Warriors FanMonth ago
  • Kyree Walker vs jullian 😳😳

    • Kyree 11-0ing Julian trash ass

      smurfyy Lucasmurfyy LucaMonth ago
  • Jalen ass fried

    Chas BucknerChas BucknerMonth ago
  • Who is WE?

    Quincey BrownQuincey BrownMonth ago
  • Funny how lamelo ball made it to The NBA and Julian Newman did not, when him and his dad were saying that he was going to make it to TBE NBA yikes and pls hope off the ball family just once 😂😂😂

    Y MY MMonth ago
  • Gotta love jalens laugh😂

    Johni GasasiraJohni GasasiraMonth ago
  • And also he messed my Obama phone trying to record him in the process .. I’m happy for CASS and Dad his family.

    Eddiemia CoriaEddiemia CoriaMonth ago
    • 😂

      Soccer TimeSoccer TimeMonth ago
  • Larry .. I seen this awesome gifted talented BEYOND his age young man doing that at a younger age.. COACH ED from PASADENA.(Jackie Robinson center) great video ..

    Eddiemia CoriaEddiemia CoriaMonth ago
  • Overtime be clowning julian so hard but still do a show with them😭

    owen tipplesowen tipplesMonth ago
    • usworlds.info/slow/video/hmaZipvZkZd5ZpU

      1i1kenna1i1kennaMonth ago
    • They need food on their plate and its funny cause landlords made it to the NBA and Julian didn't when he and his dad were yapping saying that ju would

      Y MY MMonth ago
  • Not the video of Julian trying to fight his teammate 😭😭

    Destiny ShawDestiny ShawMonth ago
  • "Is it normal for vets to be like let me see something" 💀

    Lil TimmyLil TimmyMonth ago
    • usworlds.info/slow/video/hmaZipvZkZd5ZpU

      1i1kenna1i1kennaMonth ago
  • They know what’s up with newman that’s why they laughing at him hahaha newman deserves to be a laughed at 😤

    Isaiah JackIsaiah JackMonth ago
  • Do more of thise

    Loretta Racing channelLoretta Racing channelMonth ago
  • early

    Enoch TangEnoch TangMonth ago
  • Yes I Love your videos!!!!

    All SportzAll SportzMonth ago
  • Dem boys laugh at julian newman😂😂

    Jordanne ShirleyJordanne ShirleyMonth ago
  • zach lavine and aaron gordon both said that they retire from the dunk contest n4 corona hit

    Zack LewisZack LewisMonth ago
    • Zach said he want to win 3point contest now

      PG 13PG 13Month ago
  • God bless you all. It would be great to accept Jesus now. He loves us. He died and rose so that we may live. Time is coming. Why not live for Him.

    antuan pittmanantuan pittmanMonth ago
  • The title is real.

    antuan pittmanantuan pittmanMonth ago
  • Nah house of highlights is

    Michael JordanMichael JordanMonth ago
    • usworlds.info/slow/video/hmaZipvZkZd5ZpU

      1i1kenna1i1kennaMonth ago
    • Micheal jordan your the Goat 🐐

      YourBoii_ MMYourBoii_ MMMonth ago
  • At least they finally admitted it😂

    Patrick LovellPatrick LovellMonth ago
  • early

    sissisMonth ago
  • Overtime is my channel to watch

    Jalen SuggsJalen SuggsMonth ago
  • I’m not sure if they say this in the vid but didn’t Overtime first blow up because they covered Lamelo? Like weren’t their earliest videos of Lamelo hooping for the Big Baller AAU team (blue jerseys)? If so then it makes sense why they’re obsessed with him.

    Sidney PrattSidney PrattMonth ago
    • Yea

      Jordanne ShirleyJordanne ShirleyMonth ago
  • Hey

    Heze MoneyHeze MoneyMonth ago
  • I can’t believe they actually posted this 😂😂

    Freddy FootFreddy FootMonth ago
  • I love bballllll❤🔥💯

    Jan And JarJan And JarMonth ago
  • It cause we grew up with lamelo and he funny

    Asianrice lolAsianrice lolMonth ago
    • @Jordanne Shirley huh

      Asianrice lolAsianrice lolMonth ago
    • No clicks and money

      Jordanne ShirleyJordanne ShirleyMonth ago
  • Do Cassius Stanley even plays any NBA GAMES and anyone knows why he don’t play

    Anthony NeroAnthony NeroMonth ago
    • He’s on the pacers and he’s played some games but he mostly been on there gleague team

      Dum PplDum PplMonth ago
  • To bad y’all not first 😆😂😂😂

    Ricky's goat squadRicky's goat squadMonth ago
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    Joshua Jean-BaptisteJoshua Jean-BaptisteMonth ago
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      Jordanne ShirleyJordanne ShirleyMonth ago
    • Fax

      Brenden AnesBrenden AnesMonth ago
  • Overtime 0 hi I'm from Philippines

    Jhon alberth C. GelizonJhon alberth C. GelizonMonth ago
  • Lamelo ball is the best rookie

    BeAsT TvBeAsT TvMonth ago
  • Forgot Mikey 🤦‍♂️

    KingHunterKingHunterMonth ago
  • Moan

    CertifiedUziCertifiedUziMonth ago
  • Yeah

    Karla HoganKarla HoganMonth ago
  • Early

    Jamarcus SmithJamarcus SmithMonth ago
  • Hi i want a iphone pls

    Marlon SolenoMarlon SolenoMonth ago
  • U know the vibes

    Ricky's goat squadRicky's goat squadMonth ago
  • GOATS 🐐

    King VuKing VuMonth ago
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    Logan Del ValleLogan Del ValleMonth ago
  • Just

    Ali QurbanzadehAli QurbanzadehMonth ago
  • 😂 this video was made for what

    ImJayyImJayyMonth ago
  • Yes sir boys

    Karla HoganKarla HoganMonth ago
  • I never thought they would admit that they were obsessed with him😂

    Shemaiah PerryShemaiah PerryMonth ago
    • Not surprised

      Jordanne ShirleyJordanne ShirleyMonth ago
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    Psycho Figs_Psycho Figs_Month ago
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